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What Nursing/Clinician Specialty is Best for You? The Results are In!

Posted about 2 years ago by Katie Howard

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Just like The Tucson Infusion Nurses Society, this notable organization called Nurse.org, cares about all of the clinicians, nurses, medical assistants, and soon-to-be nurses and wants to get to know you better. They also want to help you know more about yourself. What is your career path? Where do you do your best work? Is there a nursing niche you’re meant for?

To help answer these questions, Nurse.org conducted a study with over 10,000 nurses and students. It started with their quiz: "What Nursing Specialty Is Best For You?", which determined the specialty most in tune with each participant's personality, learning style, and preferences.

They have now published a summary of the results. Please see the attached document to read what they had discovered about the technological aptitude, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities of the nursing community. Some findings are surprising.


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